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(April 2020 - Now)

Status: Ongoing - Updates Sundays

Grace is a directionless college student whose life is changed forever when a time-traveller named Sophie stumbles into her parents’ store. Sophie is being pursued by a mysterious stranger who's determined to kill her by any means necessary. Grace gets dragged along on a journey across time and space, trying to find a way to stop their pursuer before she catches up to them. And as they explore history together, Sophie and Grace realize they’re becoming more than just friends...

If you'd like to read The Rest Is History, you can find it HERE.

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(November 2014 - March 2020)

Status: Finished - 276 total pages


In the city of Parimetra, the Association of Superheroes (aka A.S.H.) defends civilians from deadly monster swarms that emerge from inter-dimensional portals. Adrienne is a homeless woman with superpowers living in hiding under the alias Shade. When the tunnels she lives in are threatened by a dangerous portal, she must team up with Antine, a superhero working for A.S.H., to save both her home and all of Parimetra. 

If you'd like to read Parimetra, you can find it HERE.

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(January 2012 - November 2014)

Status: Finished - 175 total pages

Surei is an immortal being maintaining the space-time continuum of her universe. When a disturbance in her timeline forces her to go on a search for the source, her understanding of her purpose comes into question, and she is pulled into a conflict that endangers not only her universe but others as well.

Continuum was the first webcomic I ever finished. It's not indicative of the current quality of my work, but I am proud of it, and wanted to preserve it here for posterity. Click the cover image below to read it.

Continuum 0.png


(April 2011 - April 2012)

Status: Unfinished

Rescuing Dara was a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fancomic and the first webcomic I ever posted online. I stopped halfway through making it when I realized that it wasn't good and I didn't enjoy drawing it. Unlike Continuum, I don't want to preserve it for posterity, but it did help me learn and introduced me to comics.

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